Ultra Boost - A taste of cream

Image of Ultra Boost - A taste of cream

I use a base pair of original Adidas Ultra Boost and customise with the minimalistic cream design.

They will be professionally prepared and customised using Jacquard products. A protective sealer/finisher is then applied for resistance against scuffs and cracks making the pair wearable and durable! Each custom made pair will be different, so you always get an unique pair that may vary from the shown pictures.

PLEASE ALLOW AROUND 12 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY AS THE BASE SHOES ARRIVED AND ARE PREPARED, PAINTED, AND FINISHED BY HAND. Some orders can be sent earlier, some later and depends on the amount of orders and my actual workflow.

*Once an order is placed NO REFUNDS can be issued, and NO EXCHANGES can be made so please make sure you order the right size*.